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Breastfeeding resources 

La Leche League International


Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Increasing Your Supply

Breastfeeding & Relactation

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Breast milk storage information

Breastfeeding laws / Tax Breaks

Tongue and Lip Ties

The Importance of Nursing at Night

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Aggressive behavior

They Are Not Terrible. They Are Just Two

Crying it out Is harmful (CIO)– Science Says: Excessive Crying Could Be Harmful:

The Dangers of Leaving Your Baby to Cry by MargaretChuong-Kim, M.A.: Crying for Comfort: Distressed Babies Need to Be Held:

Why You Should Never Spank and what is Wrong With Time Outs

Connection Based Discipline

Bed sharing and co sleeping


Circumcision resources 

Meta-analysis of circumcision research

This document outlines the deaths caused by circumcision in the US.

All the myths about circumcision and how they are dispelled.

Boy wants to be a girl after botched circumcision

Cost benefit analysis of circumcision.

US Navy Study that shows circumcision has no effect on HIV or STI infection rates.

Article to Appear in AAP's "Pediatrics" journal.

All the statements made my medical organizations about circumcision, and they are cited.

Men complaining about being circumcised against their will.

When a newborn baby boy is circumcised, it is done without pain medication. The only "relief" he receives is sugar water. He feels every single cut. And it is excruciating. It permanently alters the MRI waves in the brain
circumsion permantly alters the brain. you can read about it here.
And here

Here is an article comprised of 38 different European physicians from 16 different countries dispelling the American myths of circumcision:

Here are three fantastic articles with hundreds of medical sources and evidence-based counter arguments to each and every myth regarding circumcision "benefits":

Half an hour long documentary of sorts by a professional during a course on sexuality ("Elephant in the Hospital"):

Cultural bias in the AAP's 2012 Technical Report and Policy Statement on male circumcision:

The functions of the foreskin, explained in depth:

An American urologist, whose special is genital health, writing about the dangers of circumcision:

The link to Dr. Carmack's Facebook page, where she shares lots of information:

Gallery of circumcised men vs. intact men and healthy penises (NSFW):

A gallary of the mutilation done by circumcision and more information about the intact penis:

A February 2013 Belgian study “confirms the importance of the foreskin for penile sensitivity, overall sexual satisfaction, and penile functioning. Furthermore, this study shows that a higher percentage of circumcised men experience discomfort or pain and unusual sensations as compared with the uncircumcised population. Before circumcision without medical indication, adult men, and parents considering circumcision of their sons, should be informed of the importance of the foreskin in male sexuality.”

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found circumcision is associated with higher rates of STIs and HIV.

A recent study in Denmark found circumcised men have a much higher rate of sexual problems.
Renowned health expert Dr. Dean Edell has spoken out against infant circumcision for decades.

When scientists used fine-touch medical instruments to measure the fine-touch sensory responses in the penis, they found: “The glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis. The transitional region from the external to the internal prepuce is the most sensitive region of the uncircumcised penis and more sensitive than the most sensitive region of the circumcised penis. Circumcision ablates the most sensitive parts of the penis.

Recently Men’s Health Magazine interviewed Dr. Anthony Weinhaus, Ph.D., director of the University of Minnesota’s Human Anatomy program, who said: “Male foreskin takes years to separate from the glans (head), which is unusual enough of a process to suggest one if its main functions may help prevent infection, especially in infants. It helps shield the opening of… the urethra from any contaminates or bacteria, explains Weinhaus. It also protects your reproductive chances: Without a foreskin, the glans rubs against objects, like your clothes, and develops a thick layer of skin to desensitize itself, Weinhaus says. Foreskin keeps men more sexually sensitive, which would’ve encouraged our ancestors to reproduce more.”

Dr. David Chamberlain of the Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health and Dr. James W. Prescott address the trauma associated with genital mutilation of infants.

A 2009 study of 35 clinical trials involving 1,997 newborns concluded that dorsal penile nerve block and EMLA do not eliminate circumcision pain, and that trials of oral acetaminophen, sugar solutions, pacifiers, music, and other environmental modifications to reduce circumcision pain did not prove them effective.