Breastfeeding journey 1

Hello, and happy breastfeeding awareness week! All week we'll be sharing breastfeeding stories from our admins and fans. We hope by sharing our stories we can help to normalize breastfeeding! Our first story comes from an admin of our page, Ashley.

Enjoy! Check the page everyday this week for more stories. - Christina 


Ashley's story:

Feeding your child is one choice that everyone has a story about.  We all know a mother who couldn't breastfeed, a mom who wanted to but wasn't supported, and a mom who just was not comfortable with the idea and never tried. Out of all the decisions I was now faced with, how my child would be fed wasn't even a thought.  Breastfeeding, or the idea at that point, just came so naturally to me. By the time my first son came, I was nervous but ready.  He latched on and right away I was in love. I believe our nursing relationship really bonded us over the first few months of his life.

At his 3 month check up we voiced some concerns over dirty diapers and weight gain.  We tried everything to get him eating more and gaining weight but to no avail. We finally broke down and bought a can of formula.  I cried, my son cried, he refused the bottle and I felt so defeated.  I finally asked my husband what he thought about donor breastmilk. I explained that I had seen other mothers who had extra pumped milk and they were willing to give it to other mothers who were not producing enough. Surprisingly, he asked me when and where to pick it up!  We met with a wonderful young mother like myself who was working and pumping much more than her own son needed.  As soon as my son got the first bottle of donor milk in his mouth, he was in heaven! He chugged the milk like I have never seen and that was that.

For 6 more months we met a handful of donors to whom we can never ever express our gratitude enough.  I continued to nurse along with the donor milk and my son was right back on his growth track! He weaned himself around 15 months as I became pregnant with his little brother, who then weaned himself around 16 months when I became pregnant with their little sister! I am now on my last leg of my personal nursing journey, my daughter is my last child and all of our nursing milestones are bitter sweet as they are the last I will experience.

  I am incredibly grateful to my husband who has supported me from day one, who has worked incredibly hard to make sure I can stay home and nurse my children until we ready to stop, who has stood up for me and my right to feed my child anytime, anywhere.

I am grateful for my family who has been mixed on their feelings towards our choice to nurse but have been fuel to keep me going regardless.  I am grateful for every mother I have met along the way, those who have helped me when I needed guidance and those that I have been able to help with my story and knowledge.

  One of my greatest accomplishments as a mother has been feeding and growing my children with my body for as long as they have needed.

We are happy to celebrate National Breastfeeding Week at Momma is A Hippie! Watch the page for more information this week about breastfeeding and if you have questions or concerns, contact your local La Leche League!