50 signs you might be a hippie momma.

Tell me how many you score! 


1. You feel like a cow because you've been producing milk for so long. 

2. You coordinate your baby carrier with your outfit (and you get turned on by dudes who baby wear). 

3. You buy coconut oil in bulk. 

4. You've had to explain the difference between vegan and vegetarian. 

5. ^You've had to explain why you are either of those things. 

6. You strongly believe in child-led learning.
7. Most of your wardrobe consists of yoga pants and Tom's

8. You've had a homebirth. 

9. Believing in love, peace, and happiness is your religion. 

10. Garlic is used for cooking and medicinal purposes. 

11. Your newly pregnant friend comes to you for advice on all things babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and intact care

12. Your toddler asks for coconut oil when he gets a scrape

13. Lavender EO's is the bed time go to for rough nights

14. Lactation tea is your go to beverage 

15.  You're involved with several co-ops. 

 16. You have seen the breast(s) of most of your female friends. 

17. NIP is not only empowering, but also something for which you advocate. 

18.  You are a proponent of the legalization of Marijuana. 

 19. You criticize the perpetuation of heteronormativity and defend gay rights. 

20. You've made a raw rainbow cake. 

21. Avocado ripeness is the bane of your existence. 

22. You've stopped wearing deodorant. Or only use homemade

 23. ^You still smell good because your Ph is well balanced. 

 24. You take shots... of apple cider vinegar. 

25. You own glass Tupperware and water bottles

26. You keep common kitchen items in your bathroom to wash your hair/body.

27. You have or would use breast milk to help stop and heal pink eye break out

28. Time ins are well known in your house and specifically asked for when someone is having a hard time

29. Local raw honey is called medicine

30. You own multiple jars of coconut oil with labels so you don't mix up the diaper rash one with the cooking one and the "deodorant" one with the face mask one

31. You have a wardrobe of tie dyed onesies.

32. Breastmilk or coconut oil can fix almost anything.

33. You and your whole family are sporting Amber necklaces 

34. your kids do yoga with you

35. you use menstrual cups &/or cloth pads... extreme hippies may even "free-bleed"

36. You list babywearing as a hobby

37. It’s totally normal for you to finish an email with “sending you love and light”

38. You had a blessingway instead of a baby shower

39. You believe the necessities for a baby is boobs, cloth diapers, and a woven wrap

40. You've genuinely considered naming (or have named) your kid after something in nature - such as "Rainbow" or "River"
41. You make your own juice with fruits and veggies from your garden.

42. You shop at farmers markets whenever possible.

43. You meditated and/or used hypnobirthing techniques, to get you through your natural child birth. 

44. you had your placenta encapsulated, or you consumed it some other way

45. You spend a lot of time with your family outdoors        

46. There are no boy things, or girl things... only people things

47. You allow your children to express themselves however they choose
48. You don't own a microwave 

49. You make your own house cleaners
50. Your kids are usually barefoot