What does it mean to be a hippie momma?

To answer this question, I reached out to the fans of the "Momma is a hippie" facebook page. 

Here's what some mothers had to say:

Being a hippy mummy means to me . not quite fitting into the current norms that are present in parenting, from health to actuvities. There’s no set guidlines. I guess to me the Facebook group provides a place of freedom and support. Enabling all types of hippy. We come in many forms.
— Nikki Louise
To me: it means trying to do things as simply, naturally and gently as possible. It’s not a destination or an exclusive club. If you can’t do it ALL it doesn’t mean you don’t count. If you formula feed you can still babywear, delay solids, practice gentle and respectful parenting... There’s this dichotomy in “hippie parenting” because many of our practices (ei breastfeeding, babywearing, bed sharing etc) are as old as humanity itself, but the more that these practices are researched MODERN science shows the benefits. Maybe we don’t fit the mold for “traditional” parenting of the past 70 years, but if you look back over the millennia we most certainly do. Also I don’t think “hippe” means we HAVE to reject everything modern either. I’m quite happy with my indoor plumbing and drinking water on demand but we are lucky enough to be in an age where we can take the best of everything
— Kelly Doughty
It means learning how to think and research information for myself instead of just taking answers that are handed to me. It means not being afraid to to be weird or different to some, live outside the norm, as long as myself and family are happy and healthy.
— Talia Bartoe
It’s a biologically normal way to be a human and raise other humans. It’s how I was raised. I don’t know another way. Well, I could, I guess, but since evidence supports this way, I stick with it. Doing what nature intended has been working for our species for millennia. Why stop now.
— Anna Bernoulli
Being a hippie requires instinctual parenting. Instead of the “because this is the way we’ve always done it” mentality, I’ve adapted the “what will help my children be the best possible adults?” thought. All my decisions are based on creating a positive outcome for their long-term future. Everything is evidence-based and I work to ensure I help them with every thing I do, not hinder them by doing things that makes life easier for me. Sometimes, my decisions do both (make my life easier and help them), but making my life easier isn’t my goal. Helping my children to be strong, competent, intelligent, loving adults—that’s my goal in being a hippie mama.
— Stephanie Momsen
To me it means going back to the basics. Modern advances have their place, but certainly not all the time. Researching things for myself and making informed decisions when it comes to child rearing. Listening to my mama instincts first and foremost, and instilling that sense of wholeness and contentment with my children as well.
— Nikita Simone
To me being a hippie momma is straying from social norms. I had no intention of practicing attachment parenting, but all of my ideas went out of the window when my instincts kicked in. It felt natural to comfort and keep my baby close. I put 100% into parenting because that’s what he deserves and needs.
— Chell Edwards
To me, being a hippie mama is about instinctual parenting. I do what comes natural, and natural treatment is always my first line of defence. We let or hearts lead us and strive to be peaceful humans.
— Brie Hammer
Being a hippie momma means you’re awesome! :) But really, for me it means following my instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t. It means holding my babies when they need me, it means offering them the best possible nutrition I can, gaining the knowledge and wisdom that I need to be confident in my choices, and finding the right village of women to help me through this parenting journey. In the end, it means trusting that my husband and I are raising these littles the very best way that we possibly can!!”
— Sarah Dabney
Hippie Mama = Raising strong kids who aren’t afraid to stand out, with respect and love for self, nature, and the world around them
— Talia Thompson
To me, being a hippie mom means taking the natural path, respecting your children, questioning societal norms, & embracing the sacrifices attachment parenting requires.
— Jessica Gilmore

I couldnt agree more with these mothers. They all summed it up perfectly! Being a Hippie Momma is more than just a title, it's a lifestyle. I strive to live my life in a peaceful, loving way for my family. This means I am an attachement parent that questions the norms of our society and make deciscions based on evidence and love, instead of following trends. My goal is to empower parents with real-life tools and knowledge on how to guide children and express unconditional love, as well as tools to live a healthy, peaceful lifestyle. 

What counts is not just that we believe we love them unconditionally, but that they feel loved in that way.
— Alfie Kohn
Earthfest 2014

Earthfest 2014